Kitchens are among the most important spaces, and naturally I’m highly passionate about its significance in the home and how tile can impact these rooms. Keeping these simple decorating tips in mind will help you make the most out of tile.

An Open Floor Plan:

When I attend or host gatherings, I feel more connected when the floor plan is open. As soon as we’re able to have gatherings, I’m standing firm on this philosophy. Kitchens are one of the top gathering spots, and with the floor plan open to the rest of the home, you’ll promote inclusive gathering. With an open plan you have more opportunities to bring your tile design to the ceiling, or simply to higher heights based on the scale of the space being more balanced. With this the tile design in the kitchen can be enjoyed from the living space.

Open Shelving:

Although it can add a lot of pressure to keep things tidy and organized, it’s absolutely worth it – especially if there is a showstopper backsplash in play. Open shelving is for your most used, everyday items, and lower cabinets are for those items that are not used as frequently. To set yourself up for success, I recommend a full-on overhaul. Have the client go through all their glassware, for example, and eliminate miscellaneous items. Do they really need 15 sports bottles or 27 mismatched coffee mugs? Or how about those promotional pint glasses? Open shelving is the perfect way to showcase those special pieces the client has collected and make their daily items feel that much more unique. Less clutter – and a focus on fun tile – brings more joy, and this is a positive in the kitchen.

Furniture in Complementary Tones:

Layering furniture pieces in complementary tones to colorful tiles adds a dimension celebrated by richness in color. Consider going bold with an emerald sofa to complement teal kitchen tiles, or incorporate powder blue island stools to correlate with a backsplash. Color adds vibrancy and life to a space.

A Design Moment:

Choose one design moment to bring out in the space. It can be a geometric pattern or the color of the tile – or possibly a blend of colors. Perhaps you’ll complement a great countertop material or even have an architectural element featured, such as a specific style of cabinetry. Whatever the design moment is, ensure the tile supports it so the whole space is telling your story.

Mercedes Austin is the founder of the handmade tile company Mercury Mosaics. Mercury Mosaics started in Mercedes Austin’s art studio.


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