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Kegel Balls - Pelvic Floor Trainer (2pk)

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Kegel Balls - Pelvic Floor Trainer  (2 pack)

* increase bladder control

* improve muscle tone

* strengthen climax

Kegel Toning Balls can help to improve pelvic floor strength and confidence for women dealing with bladder weakness, and improve muscle tone after pregnancy and childbirth.  Increased intimate sensation and stronger squeeze during lovemaking.  Also suitable for women who have a prolapsed uterus, or had a hysterectomy.

Developed in conjunction with a pelvic health physiotherapist, this personal pelvic gym contains two weighted kegel balls (single 47g and double 89g) to progress with over time.

Inserted vaginally, the Kegel Ball will move or rest on your pelvic floor muscles, giving you an inner workout. All you have to do is pop them inside, and your body will work to hold them in place.

When first using, you may have to consciously hold the Kegel Balls inside of you until your pelvic floor builds up its muscle tone and resilience. Keep persevering, as you will improve as you keep “working out” (think of it like taking your pelvic floor to the gym!)   Watch the Video chat with Franny on Youtube to get a better idea of the size.

Suitable for use any time from 6 weeks after childbirth until decades in your future.  Not to be used during pregnancy.

Please consult your GP or a pelvic floor physiotherapist if you experience any pain, irritation, or do not see any improvement in your pelvic floor tone.

Made from silicone with sealed interior steel ball.    Wash with warm soapy water.   Optional use with water-based lubricant.

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